Monday, June 1, 2015

Tie Dye for Hydranencephaly Awareness Campaign

Throughout the month of June we will be bringing you several ways to raise awareness in your own communities, whether online or in your personal living space!

While we will be wrapping up hydranencephaly awareness month this June with our 2nd Annual "Let's Roll!" Hydranencephaly Awareness Walk/Run event, a global-wide event which gives anyone, anywhere the chance to participate in whatever capacity they are able to at a time convenient to them the weekend of June 27-28 - we also want to share with you another awareness campaign, one that is fun for the whole family!

The Tie-Dye Challenge for 
Hydranencephaly Awareness Month!! 

It's simple:

~tie dye a shirt, or whatever wearable or shareable item you'd like, or skip the work and just donate to Global Hydranencephaly Foundation

~post a picture of you in wearable/shareable tie-dye creation to our public Facebook page, Instagram, and Twitter communities

~Be sure to tag Global Hydranencephaly Foundation in your photo and use the hashtag #tiedye4hydran

~REMEMBER to challenge your own family & friends to either tie-dye or donate

The event is fun for everyone, regardless of age, and a great way to build awareness in your own community is by hosting a tie dye event!

Those donations for those who choose to donate rather than create, or for those that would simply like to make a financial contribution in addition, can be made at our June Hydranencephaly Awareness Crowdrise Fundraiser page:

Not sure where to begin with the tie-dying process??

We'll be sharing tips, tricks, and tutorials throughout the month - so stay tuned. BUT, to get you started - check out this awareness ribbon tie-dye tutorial from YouTube (remember our awareness ribbon color is light teal blue!! or you can do yellow and black - for the "bees") *this video is specifically for Breast Cancer Awareness, but you get the idea....

If you'd like t-shirt options with our logo to tie-dye, check out the black and white options on our Cafepress store by clicking HERE. We have the following designs readily available, but are happy to do custom designs as well. Just email us at to make a request - or use any old tshirt you have lying around (the kids' tshirts that they've stained up are perfect for this project!!)

GHF Awareness        Bee-Lieve              I Love Someone

The most important thing is to share those pics of your creations and help this campaign go viral (remember the ice bucket challenge? This is WAY more fun and WAY less cold! Enjoy!

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