Friday, June 5, 2015

The Real Buzz - Lil' Pete

From mommy to our bee-buddy Lil' Pete:

"Hydranencephaly awareness is very important to us because it allows others to learn about this rare disease and it also gives hope to families. My lil Pete was diagnosed in utero and they gave me no hope they said he would die as soon as he was born, they even recommended for me to terminate my pregnancy, but I kept my faith and went through with it and had my baby. Everyone was very negative they even neglected him, sent him home with hospice so he could die in peace they said! But little did they know this lil superman was here to prove everyone wrong! Myself and his father have been extremely pushy with his care, and look at him now about to turn 4 sitting up trying his best to hold his head on his own! Believe in the impossible!!!"

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