Wednesday, June 3, 2015

The Real Buzz - Braylee

From mommy to bee-beauty Braylee:
"June is Hydranencephaly awareness month and it is very very important to us. When we were given Braylee's prognosis it was absolutely heartbreaking. We were left with no hope. All we were told were the bad things. Her neurologist never encouraged put her in therapy or have a shunt placed, it was something I had to ask for on my own. Unfortunately a lot of doctors have the "why even try" attitude with babies like Braylee. Thank God prayers were answered and Braylee fought through a very very difficult first year of life and she has completely changed her neurologist's and neurosurgeon's points of view. All of her doctors and nurses have been amazing throughout this journey and we've all learned things about the diagnosis together. I've also taken her to specialists who had no idea what her diagnosis meant bc it is so rare. We try to spread awareness to them in a positive way and to our community as much as possible! Braylee is truly amazing and continues to defy odds every single day! She has not only taught our family a lot but our community too. If it weren't for everyone's prayers for her I don't think she would be where she is today. I give all the glory to God! #prayforbraylee"

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