Wednesday, June 3, 2015

30 Days to Bee Hydranencephaly Aware: "Love Them to Life"

In honor of “Love Conquers All Day” – sharing a phrase my own daughter, Brayden’s sister, once said. Having only been 3-7 years old during his lifetime, she is wise beyond her years.

“We loved him to life.” 

We made the decision to be open and honest with Brayden’s sisters about his prognosis; and while heavily criticized for that decision, we wouldn’t have had it any other way.

We shared during my pregnancy that their little brother may never come home, but we could love him anyways - that we should love him extra much.

We shared after he was born that he could be gone any moment - we cried together with fear of the many unknowns this journey had presented us with.

But eventually we grew to embrace the moments we shared and celebrate our time with him - by making memories and loving every second of it.

We never knew how much time we would have and it wasn't until we stopped worrying over it that we truly enjoyed our time...

If you are facing diagnosis of hydranencephaly for a child in your life, please do not let the medical community scare you in to a dark place where you are unable to enjoy your child's life. 

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