Monday, June 15, 2015

30 Days to BEE Hydranencephaly Aware - Say CHEESE!

Day 15 of our #30daystoBEEhydranencephalyaware series - in honor of "Smile Power" day, it's all about the smiles.

Now why would we want to focus on those - besides the fact that images of cute kids with a smile on their face is just adorable??

One of the medically subjected misconceptions that come delivered to parents along with diagnosis, is that their child will never show any emotion - never smile, never laugh and never cry or even show any sign of anger or affection. 

The reality is, children with hydranencephaly are so full of emotion - it's how they communicate. And while not every child will flash their pearly whites for the world to see, a majority of them do and they do it often!!

So, let's see those smiles - we will be sharing on our Facebook page throughout the day! Happy "Smile Power Day". 

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