Sunday, June 7, 2015

30 Days to BEE Hydranencephaly Aware: So Simple, Community Buzz

Day 7 in our #30DaystoBEEhydranencephalyaware series ~ it's so simple to help us on our mission!

"Raising awareness of hydranencephaly in your own community can be as simple as purchasing and wearing a t-shirt, or maybe even a bracelet. Not only does it spark inquiries from those who see it, but it supports us on our mission as well! CafePress is a great place to start, but there are dozens of other opportunities to bring awareness to your own communities. We will share other ideas on Sundays in our 'Community Buzz' series"

It truly is as simple as wearing a tshirt to the grocery store, or adding one of our awareness bracelets to your wrist, or clicking "share" as you're scrolling through your Facebook newsfeed. This is how YOU can help US reach more families across the globe.

Here is more about the awareness merchandise we have available:
Our CafePress market is stocked full of awareness designs on a variety of items: clothing for babies to adults, buttons and signs, cups and lunchboxes, bags and purses, even homegoods such as shower curtains and pillows... you name it, it's likely there! And the best part about it is if you want a custom design, let us know and we can make it happen! Check out the shop here

CafePress is a great place to find t-shirts to use in our TieDye Challenge happening all month long! You can read the details here: Tie Dye for Hydranencephaly Awareness Campaign

In addition, we also have wall decals available that are a perfect addition to your home or your car! There are two options to choose from, the Mary Kay Ash quote or Bennett Buzz-Bee with "Believe in the Impossible!"

You can get those by visiting our merchandise page here

And finally, we have a few "Let's Roll!" Hydranencephaly Awareness Walk/Run event tshirts available - our 2014 event shirts are available at a crazy low price and we now have a small selection of this year's shirts available as well! You can also purchase those at our merchandise page
While there, you can also pick up a few silicone awareness bracelets.

We are also looking for other fundraising and awareness building opportunities, so anytime you have time, talent, or ideas to share - please contact us at 

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