Thursday, June 4, 2015

30 Days to Be Hydranencephaly Aware: The Audacity to Hope

Day 4 of our #30DaystoBEEhydranencephalyaware focuses on the importance of hope:

"In honor of 'Audacity to Hope Day' – a reminder that hope, in addition to unwavering love, conquers all. Children who are given a diagnosis of hydranencephaly and given up on far too soon, do not live the quality of life that children who are plugged in to our family resource network or another means of proactive, positive support do. Doctors who tell parents that there is no hope for a quality of life worth living are essentially killing these children before they’re given a chance at the life they deserve – without hope, there is nothing."

From a blog post written prior to November 2011, when it was shared right here on this very blog as a "Flashback Friday post, comes the following reminder on the importance of hope on this journey. Please check out the full posting by clicking HERE - it will tug at your heart strings and really bring you to a greater level of awareness in to the lives these families are living!

"...blessed with the opportunity to be this little miracles mommy during his time on Earth. For the lessons he is teaching his sisters, his daddy, myself, and every other family, friend, or stranger he himself and/or his story touches... that hope lives on, and there is never a good time to give up on that!!" 

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