Friday, April 3, 2015

Good Samaritan - #HAWMC

Today's WEGO Health Activist Writer's Month Challenge asks about a time that I benefitted from the kindness of a stranger, or a time when I was the one extending a helping hand. To share how it made me feel...

I'm fortunate that my world is full of good samaritans; but, it hasn't always been that way! I made the choice to fill my life with those who believe in hope and love and doing great things. Those who do great things because they believe in people and the possibilities that exist for them, even when hope seems to be out of reach to them.

On this journey with a child who has been given a diagnosis of hydranencephaly, your support community tends to vaporize and disappear. Even the ones you count on to love you no matter what, your family, can seem to vanish from your life; you can find yourself standing alone in the dark.

When I began this journey, I felt very much so in the dark. When I got a little glimmer of hope through a support group that I had found online, the darkness instead won over the light while some members were extending less support and more criticism than I could handle. Thankfully a few great souls offered guidance, support, and unconditional love throughout the difficult early months...

We are  no longer as close as during those early days, but their tiny devotion to my family means so much to me - after nearly 7 years. They did not show kindness in some grand gesture for attention or recognition, or even in hopes of return. They did it solely out of love. That love helped to reach over 450 family members as it eventually began a blog which grew in to my own support group; which in turn grew in to the nonprofit that we are today... 

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