Thursday, April 2, 2015

CONTEST announcement

Friday, April 17th is National Haiku Poetry Day... and I thought that since it had been a long while since we had a contest, this would be a great opportunity to host one.

Soo - we want to see your creativity. The more bee-inspired, the better!

Haiku poetry is a form of Japanese poetry that is generally non-rhyming and normally consists of 3 lines with a syllable pattern of 5-7-5. Haiku poems are usually inspired by an element of nature, a season, a moment of "bee-auty", or a special experience or event. Sensory language is used ot capture a feeling or image. **English haiku does not always follow the strict syllable count that is found in Japanese haiku. The typical would be 10-14 syllables.

The Haiku Foundation has a website you can check out for more inspiration.

Image result for $20 starbucksOur contest runs until midnight on April 16th. We will announce our favorites on National Haiku Poetry Day on the 17th and select one lucky creative artist to win a $20 Starbucks gift card.

only a bit of fine print:

**GHF Board of Directors members are not eligible to win**

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