Monday, March 2, 2015

Help to End the Term "Incompatible with Life"

This was sent to my nonprofit address, but it is worth the effort of you participating if you are able - if nothing more, please check out the effort and share with others!! This mission is aimed at the government in Ireland, but this concern is not one that only the population in Ireland is facing... #beeAWARE

"Urgent: Here is how YOU as a medical practitioner can help end the term 'incompatible with life' and protect babies with terminal illnesses

Dear Partner, 

I hope this email finds you well. My name is Tracy Harkin and I am a mother to a little girl with Trisomy 13. Along with other Irish mothers involved with our support network Every Life Counts ( I am very concerned by the  attempts being made by the Irish Government to legalise abortion for babies with conditions such as ours. Our babies are being described in the most horrific way, and are being labeled "incompatible with life" which is a medically meaningless and insulting term, designed specifically to justify abortion for our babies with life limiting diagnoses. 

Together with medical professionals and legislators we are going to the United Nations in Geneva on March 11th where there will be a meeting of the United Nations Committee on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities. There, we will be calling for an end to the use of the term "incompatible with life" when describing unborn children with life limiting diagnoses. More information on that event can be found here:

At this event we will launch the Geneva Declaration on Perinatal Care which correctly asserts that the term "incompatible with life" is not a medical diagnosis and should be used when describing unborn children with a terminal illness or severe disability. The Declaration also calls for the development of Perinatal Hospice services to care for these babies and their families before, during and after birth. Full text of the Geneva Declaration can be found at

We at Every Life Counts invite all medical practitioners worldwide to sign this important declaration and make a real difference to the lives of babies with a life limiting diagnosis. It is imperative that this initiative has the support of the global medical community as we campaign for the care and protection of our sickest children and oppose moves to legalise abortion for these babies. 

Please sign the Geneva Declaration today, 

Kind Regards

Tracy Harkin 
Every Life Counts

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