Sunday, January 11, 2015

BUZZ: Let's BEE Pals!

Today is the start of National Letter Writing Week and a perfect time to introduce our new family program: "Let's BEE Pals." The pen-pal program, that is being directed by bee-angel, Joey's mommy Jamie is an opportunity for all of our families to intermingle with other families, away from the web. Here are the details:

"I, like most others dread checking the mail because of the fact, most often, we stand there only to find bills, denials of equipment, explanation of benefits or a Postman “oopsie” - a nice looking, sparkly stickered, hand addressed piece of mail addressed to one of our neighbors.

Turn that frown upside down!

Here is your chance to get that special hand addressed letter delivered to the correct address, your mailbox! It’s your chance to smile and give a smile to a fellow Hydran family when checking the dreaded mailbox. “Let’s BEE Pals” is a six month Hydran family pen pal program. Your family will be randomly paired with a Hydran or Hydran Angel family to exchange letters, small packages or simply just a friendly “hello”. This is a program designed to share encouragement and build relationships with our BEEs and BEE Angel families through a more personable experience rather than just the daily Facebook posts or emails.

We would like to especially extend encouragement for our Hydran Angel families to participate. Being the parent of an Angel BEE myself, Joey’s Mom, I know we have the uplifting of good days and the most downward of bad days. We have been through the best and worst parts of being a parent/family member to a Hydran BEE. With everything we have experienced we need to show our love and support to our BEEs and BEEkeepers. We know best, the amount of love and encouragement each Hydran BEE and Hydran Angel family needs to make it through each day.

In order for the “Let’s BEE Pals” program to run smoothly there are a few friendly rules and requirements that will need to be followed:

• 6 Month commitment (February 2015-July 2015)
• MININUM of one letter a month sent via “snail mail”, mail sent through the Postal Service (Emails, Facebook messages, Skype or Face Time may be used in addition to your once a month “snail mail” letter)
• $10 maximum spending limit if you choose to send a gift (no cost/handmade gifts are encouraged)
• If you find you are no longer able to keep your commitment, please email the BEE Pals Coordinator
• If you do not receive a letter and it has been 60 days or more, please

Email the BEE Pals Coordinator (Please keep in mind we have many Hydran families located internationally)

If you have any questions or concerns along the way, please do not hesitate to contact the “Let’s BEE Pals” Coordinator, Jamie Brown or the Global Hydranencephaly President, Alicia Harper at any time.

If you are as excited as I am and want to become a BEE Pal please email your name, BEE or BEE Angel’s name, address and any other forms of contact you would like to include. Please email to the “Let’s BEE Pals” Coordinator,, no later than January 31, 2015."

We hope you ALL will sign up to participate in this fun program introduced to help build the bonds between our families and offer support on a different level beyond the great wide web.

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