Monday, November 10, 2014


Rekindling of the Flame


It's been a LONG break from blogging and I've missed it - I've missed all of YOU, our readers!

Now that the blog has finally made it's transition here to WordPress, we are getting back on track and you can expect to be seeing regular posts again!

Regular Wordless Wednesday photos full of smiling, silly bees!

Bee-ographies or Meet the Bees collages on Mondays!

Tried & True Tuesday posts full of information on equipment, toys, and other fun stuff that have been tried by the bees themselves!

Fact-BUZZ Fridays challenging those ridiculous medically subjected misconceptions that just keep coming and won't go away - plus just some fun facts that you're sure to be shocked over!

Community BUZZ posts sharing ideas that will help you to bring awareness to your own communities - or ways that you can help us to help our families!

And so.much.MORE! 

And if you ever have anything you'd like to contribute, please do by emailing me at We are ALWAYS looking for new material to share and also volunteers to help in a wide range of capacities! Hope to hear from you soon & excited to be writing again...

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