Thursday, July 10, 2014

Thoughtful Thursday: Always an Opportunity to Bee-lieve!

National Cleri-WHO?

That's what I said when I was planning this month's social media calendar. 

A clerihew is a whimsical 4-line poem with an AABB pattern, so off of the top of my head I created one as an example:

the bees keep their buzz

& they keep it because
there is no one to say
life has to be a certain way

It's THAT simple, really!! Now, let's hear yours for this Thoughtful Thursday!

Ironically, today is also "Don't Step on a Bee Day" 

Of course, the day was first created to bring awareness to bee stings in the summer time, then praised for the opportunity to bring more awareness of the shrinking honey bee population (which still continues to be of great concern). I say we recognize this day as a day to point out even more reasons to "Believe in the Impossible." Our bees sure don't let anyone "step on them" and they remind us every day that they are calling the shots, despite those medical professionals who may say otherwise!! 

image courtesy of
image courtesy of

Otherwise to celebrate this day in a fun way, how about crafting a bee hotel for your yard? It will help provide a safe stay for the bees buzzing through your area... 

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