Friday, July 18, 2014

Fact-BUZZ Friday: Just a Laugh?

When you have a child that doctors tell you will likely not survive.... and that IF they do, they will be in a "persistent vegetative state"; unable to hear, see, love, learn, laugh, or thrive... you tend to celebrate the little things. 

When those little things turn in to BIG things, it's cause for "stop-everything-and-watch-what-my-kid-can-do"...

then watch it again...

kind of celebration.

A laugh falls in the BIG things category of celebration-causes. 

Until you discover the fact that a laugh may not be "just" a laugh...

I've written about this before via my old blog, during my pre-nonprofit in-the- making portion of this journey with hydranencephaly. 

But, it's kept alive on the web via Wellsphere. When they say, "once on the internet, forever on the internet," it's true and in this instance its a good thing! Check that post out HERE

It just so happens that updated information was published to Disabled World about a week or so ago, so I wanted to share and bring light to this little-known seizure type.

Definition from Disabled World: "A gelastic seizure, also known as "gelastic epilepsy" is a rare type of seizure that involves a sudden burst of energy, usually in the form of laughing or crying. This syndrome usually occurs for no obvious reason and is uncontrollable. It is slightly more common in males than females. The main sign of a gelastic seizure is a sudden outburst of laughter or crying with no apparent cause."

Now head on over to read the full article HERE. It's pretty interesting... but please don't let this topic stop you from enjoying those smiles and chuckles your bee shares with you!! 

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