Monday, June 23, 2014

Buzz-worthy Share!

I love stumbling upon links to our efforts in unlikely places. 

A lot has happened since November 23, 2012 when this post was made. I faintly remember being in touch with this author and I know I shared my appreciation of her support. 

Check us out over on the blog "Caring for Medically Fragile Children" and guess which one of our bees is featured there! "

Gotta love that smile!  If your child has hydranencephaly this group, The Global Hydranencephaly Foundation, is full of hope, support, and understanding."

If you stumble upon a site that is in desperate need of a heavy dose of reasons to "Believe in the Impossible," please forward along the information to: so I can freshen things up a bit more around the web with some accurate information and pertinent resources.

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