Monday, June 16, 2014

Bee-ography Monday: Sophia

This week's Bee-ography comes from bee-beauty Sophia's family in Chile. I always try to share each journey just as it is given, so please bare with the difficulties in translation of information. From mother Pamela: 

"My pregnancy was mainly a very short pregnancy, as I learned while five months, when I had the first ultrasound I was told that Sophia came with complications, and the week of the first ultrasound they said was not a viable pregnancy, Sophia would be born and would not last long, a few minutes or hours.

My family was my full support because doctors did not believe my daughter did not trust that she would live. Find pages of families with children with hydranencephaly was the most support, but neither wanted to delude ourselves too much with the viability of my daughter.

Sophia was born by Caesarean section, as it came in the breech position. She was hospitalized 10 days, which was with nasogastric tube and oxygen. Oxygen had it for a couple of months and the probe had for six months. Fortunately now we do not need any intervention.

For me, Sophia is everything. He has filled my life with wisdom, love and happiness! It has been my best experience as a mom, I feel too lucky to have her as a daughter, I have met thanks to her wonderful situations, a deep and infinite love, believe in the impossible, I have met wonderful people, their doctors therapy, family and their beautiful bee bee-friends.

If I had one piece of advice: that perhaps everything is difficult, but we must never stop believing!

Sophia really likes loud sounds, music, songs juegutes. She loves to dance and ride car, likes to watch the sunlight and walk in the shopping trolley. Likes to eat dish is his favorite of all things and also loves to eat avocado. He likes to be held and take arms, is very regalona, and I also really like their therapy with the "vestibulador".

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