Thursday, April 17, 2014

BUZZ: Fundraising Opportunity

April $5 Challenge - 1,000 New iGive Members a Day Mean Potential $5 Donations for Global Hydranencephaly Foundation... it's true!

You've likely seen our semi-regular posts since joining over a year ago:

"Help Global Hydranencephaly Foundation every time you shop: 

But this month, there is a little something more:

"We'll also earn $5 for each new supporter who joins in April if iGive gets 1,000 new members a day. So, help us spread the word by sharing this post and by joining iGive!"

Seems to easy to be true, right?! Not only do we have the opportunity to receive $5 for each new individual who signs up with iGive AND chooses to donate to GHF; but, as always, we also receive whatever percentage of sales that each online retailer has chosen to donate to GHF. And there are 1000's to choose from... perfect for those shopping in your pjs kind of days.

There is no purchase necessary.  In other words, for free.  If you sign up with iGive and choose to support a different group, they'll donate $5 to that group. So, even if you do not want to support GHF, it is a great opportunity to support your organization of choice.

In addition, we will need you to try the free and optional iGive Button through 7/15/14. What this button does is AUTOMATICALLY let you know that the website you are visiting donates a specific percentage of your sales to your charity of choice; as well as special offers for iGive members. 

Share with your friends, please?! Why?

When they shop, they'll help Global Hydranencephaly Foundation or their own favorite cause.  Why not let them take advantage of over 1,400 stores that want to help?
The average shopper is raising over $30 - $100 a year for their cause... all for free.

No additional purchases. or even clicks of the mouse, necessary.

It's simple and automatic... really!

Five bucks free for GHF, just for trying us out.

Why the promotion? It almost makes it seem "too good to be true."....

The more iGive members in their community, the better the deals shoppers can get from stores.

Spread our iGive link everywhere (Facebook's a great way, but Twitter, e-mail, blogs, bulletin boards, and handouts all work).

Use our special link: 

Good Luck and happy shopping while supporting GHF or your favorite charity!

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