Monday, March 24, 2014

Bee-ography Monday: Carson

Thank you to Carson's mommy for sharing a synopsis of his amazing journey with us for his birthday on March 20th...

"4 months into my second pregnancy I was told by obstetricians that the baby growing inside me had a rare cephalic disorder called hydranencephaly. I was told I should have an abortion because he would be in a vegetative state if he lived..I do not believe in abortions. I told the doctors that was NOT an option...We were told his brain didn't develop because he had a stroke sometime during the past couple months of pregnancy.. My family and I was told that my baby MIGHT live a couple weeks to a couple months IF he made it through delivery..over the next 5 months We were given no hope that this tiny boy would ever have the chance to live a full life outside the safe haven of my womb...

This day 5 years ago my family and I drove to UK Hospital for the birth of my second son, Carson Thomas. At 8:37pm my son breathed his first breathe.He weighed in at 7lbs 4oz and 20in long..He was perfect! On the day he was released from the hospital the doctor told me before we left to take care of Carson the best I could and to go ahead and plan for his funeral..I have to say that I did part of what the doctor said I took the best care of my son that I could.. I bathed him, fed him, changed his diapers, and for the next 10 months of his life we were almost inseparable (only because he screamed and cried a lot and I was the one who could comfort him). I lived the first 10 months of his life thinking I was going to lose my baby to a disorder that not many people heard of..
After that 10 months I have looked at him as nothing short of a miracle and a blessing, living each day that I have with him to the fullest with no regrets! My family, friends and I prayed for this little boy everyday...

Today Carson is a healthy 5 yr old boy who is very conscious of who is around, loves his family, loves school, his teachers, therapists, being outside and rough housing like any other boy! This tiny boy has scared me more times than I care to count. There have been many trips to the ER that I thought he wouldn't be coming home with me...But this tiny boy who has never spoken a word has impacted and changed more hearts and lives than I know ( Especially mine). If anyone doesn't believe in God and miracles you need to look at the pics I have posted and remember doctors gave Carson no hope and no chance at any kind of life . I can not thank and praise God enough for letting me keep my angel in disguise a little longer! last but not least HAPPY 5th BIRTHDAY Carson! Your Momma and Alex loves you to the moon and back! I am blessed that I get to be your mommy! May God bless you with many more years baby boy!

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