Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Wordless Wednesday: Powerful!

Have you EVER watched a video in which there were either no words uttered... or no words that you could understand; yet it said SO very much?

It's similar to the lives of these little ones with hydranencephaly... they say so little, often nothing at all, yet they radiate love, joy, strength, and show such great power.

I am sharing this AMAZING video as a wordless Wednesday post because I've watched it several times (just today); and to me it is "wordless" since my Spanish is incredibly rusty (to say the least).

I watched it first with my daughter, Brayden's sister and his biggest fan... I'll warn you that we were both in hard tears by the end.

Grab a box of tissues.. you'll need them!

I've since discovered that the video is "not supposed to be online yet" due to it's apparent participation in some sort of film festival... but, once online it's always online ;) Hopefully the link works long enough that you all can watch the power of this short video. Please let me know if it is not accessible and I will change the embedded link as soon as I'm able!

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