Sunday, February 9, 2014

Feeding Tube Awareness Week Kick-off

Today marks the start of an immensely important awareness endeavor Feeding Tube Awareness Week is February 9-15, 2014. Always the second week of February, so as to coincide with Valentines Day. Several of our bee-buddies are thriving with a little extra help from a feeding tube... despite the misconception that this is an extreme medical intervention that prolongs the inevitable! 

Stay tuned this week while several organizations join in recognition of this week of awareness...

Global Hydranencephaly Foundation will be working to raise awareness of the benefits, challenges, and also addressing the misconceptions that surround the idea of a feeding tube! You can learn more at the website for Feeding Tube Awareness Week® from our friends at Feeding Tube Awareness Foundation, Incorporated; as well as follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and on our YouTube channel!

"The theme for 2014 is "Nothing Can Hold Us Back." It will highlight the resilience in overcoming challenges. Tube feeding doesn't have to stop you from living life. Nutritional support can make life possible. We will ask participants to share what they love to do and positive stories about how tube feeding works into their lives, not controls it. 

About Feeding Tube Awareness Week® 
In 2011, Feeding Tube Awareness launched the first annual Feeding Tube Awareness Week®. The mission of Awareness Week is to promote the positive benefits of feeding tubes as a life saving medical intervention. The week also serves to educate the broader public about the medical reasons that children are tube fed, the challenges that tube feeding families face and day-to-day life with a tube fed child. Feeding Tube Awareness Week connects tube feeding families. Seeing how many other families are going through similar things makes people feel less alone.  

The second week in February was selected because of it's proximity to Valentine's Day since we love our tubies.It can be challenging to have a lot of negativity surrounding the medical device that is keeping your child alive. This week, in particular, is an opportunity to embrace the positives and be thankful that it helps our children to live, grow and thrive. 

Each year, we encourage parents and caregivers to participate in the week by posting in social media, blogging, emailing or making videos about the different topics areas for the week. A number of parents have contacted local media and gotten their story heard. A number of parents, siblings and tube feeders gave presentations at their schools. (See the sidebar for more information)

Thousands have participated in Feeding Tube Awareness Week® and it continues to grow each year. In 2013, we reached more than 120,000 people with content just from the Feeding Tube Awareness Facebook page. Millions more were reached through TV, newspapers, online media, websites, blogs, facebook posts, tweets and outreach from companies and organizations."

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