Thursday, January 16, 2014

Thought-Filled Thursday

I HEART Maysoon Zayid!

Seriously, I do! But it's fairly likely that you don't know who she is....

so, let's fix that! 

I discovered her in my latest daytime obsession (which has just started today since I'm feeling in a funk) with having TED Talks on in the background while I'm doing miscellaneous research, writing, and what-not on the computer.

Ok, really I initially discovered her in one of my actor loves, Adam Sandler's,  movie You Don't Mess With the Zohan;  she was behind the beauty-shop counter. 

She's a comedian & writer, an actress, the co-founder of the New York Arab-American Comedy Festival

She's an absolutely bee-utiful Palestinian woman who jokes about being from New Jersey and Muslim *gasp*, high heels and fasting. She is very real and does get very serious when discussing the other factor making her part of the largest minority groups in the world; one in which, she points out, is also very under-represented in Hollywood...

she's disabled

Cerebral Palsy, the umbrella term that describes the limited muscular abilities that nearly always hovers over those with any neurological condition; hydranencephaly is no exception.

She mentions how her parents would never allow her to just "not do" something when the doctors would say she couldn't. Despite being told otherwise, her father taught her to walk by walking with her while she stood on his feet. 

Not only does she walk, but she walks in heels... even performed in dance on Broadway, was a soap opera star, and has accomplished so much in addition to being awe-inspiring. 

That's a family who lives and breathes "Believe in the Impossible!" and I'm looking forward to following Maysoon on her journey through Hollywood and in her philanthropy efforts. Here's her TED Talks video, bee-inspired:

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