Monday, January 6, 2014

Bee-ography Monday

Lily Nichole West was born at 25 weeks on October 12, 2013. Her parents are Kristin & James West. The doctors diagnosed her Hydranencephaly before she was even born. She weighed 2lbs 3oz. In addition to hydranencephaly, sweet Lily had other health issues and complications including hydrocephalus, requiring two surgeries, PDA, and lung issues.

On Sunday afternoon, December 29, 2013, her mama and daddy finally got to hold her without all the wires and tubes, and kissed her "goodbye for just a little while."

From Lily's Facebook page on her final day here on earth:
"This morning Lily was baptized just after 11:30. We had a very nice time with her in the few hours that followed. We cried, we laughed, we loved. She looked at us today while we talked to her in a way that she hasn't for such a long time. It really felt like she was saying goodbye. Close to 3 we decided we were ready, just as she was. The nurse gave her quite a bit of sedation so she wouldn't struggle as she passed. They turned off the monitors, took all the wires off and took the tape off her face holding the tube in place. They removed her tube and quickly laid her in mommas arms. I could barely hold myself together and I kept trying not to cry so hard because I was shaking. She started to aspirated and that's when I knew I had to pull myself together and sent for a nurse. They suctioned everything out and cleaned her face off while I kept holding her. I had an overwhelming feeling of calmness and just started really talking her through it. I kept telling her to do whatever her body needs to do to feel better. And I kept telling her it's time and that she can go. It was the most emotional experience I've ever been through. It was peaceful and she looked at rest. Her little face finally had no pain. We spent a few hours with her until we felt like we were at peace with her. All the love and amazing support from everyone has been so wonderful. Thank you to everyone. Thank you for out prayers, good wishes and thoughts out way. Lily is in our hearts forever and she will always be momma's baby girl. I feel so blessed to have been able to meet her and fall in love with another part of me. She has changed our lives forever and now she's gained her wings. Our baby girl is finally in no pain and at peace."

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