Wednesday, October 2, 2013

World Cerebral Palsy Awareness Day

What is cerebral palsy?

There are 17 million people across the world living with cerebral palsy (CP). Another 350 million people are closely connected to a child or adult with CP. It is the most common physical disability in childhood.

CP is a permanent disability that affects movement. Its impact can range from a weakness in one hand, to almost a complete lack of voluntary movement.

It is a complex disability: 1 in 4 children with CP cannot talk, 1 in 3 cannot walk, 1 in 2 have an intellectual disability, 1 in 4 have epilepsy.*

CP is a lifelong disability and there is no known cure.

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So, what does this have to do with hydranencephaly?

Children who are given a diagnosis of ANY neurological condition which affects the way the muscles work are under the "umbrella" diagnosis of CP... thus, those with hydranencephaly also have cerebral palsy.

Learn more about World Cerebral Palsy Day by visiting their website

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