Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Wordless Wednesday: Trick or Treat!

Later this month I will be sharing some other resources to make celebrating Halloween with your medically complex child a bit easier, but for today I am sharing this freebie printable from some new blogger friends which will make it a little less annoying having to explain why your child is not offering up a hearty "TRICK OR TREAT!!!" followed up with a grand display of good manners by exclaiming "Thank You!!"

A little different approach to our weekly "Wordless Wednesday" post today...

From Megan at Lane 34 Studios:

"Hello everyone! So today's freebie is something near and dear. I have several friends with children that are non-verbal for one reason or another. My boyfriend's son is also non-verbal. In the past I have seen a little tag that floats around the web for these special children. It is not always feasible to pin something to your child and with the way things are these days no one wants their child's name on their shirt either!

So I decided to come up with an updated "card" version that you yourself, or your child can hand out at Mickey's Not so Scary Halloween, in your neighborhood, or at a trunk or treat etc... 

I also decided to not include any specific diagnosis like autism, this enables me to include a broader spectrum of kids and young adults. Non-verbal is not limited to one specific group.
& This would be great for even a child that is just super shy!

It is 8"x10" and will print on any type of paper!

Remember to share it on facebook or pin it to pinterest to get the word out there!"

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