Monday, September 30, 2013

Bee-Worthy Share: I Know You!

Please never doubt the value of a network of support from those venturing on the journey you are on; whether ahead, behind, or beside you. Those are the individuals who you will hold especially close in your heart for the rest of all time...

This was written and shared earlier this month by our friend, the "other" Julia Roberts at her blog Kidneys and Eyes, where she blogs about her two children with special needs. She's also the amazing co-founder of where GHF just launched a public group for support & information: Global Hydranencephaly Foundation Support & Information Network

I know you
by Julia Roberts

I know you.

You are me.

You love your kid and fight for them. Medically, educationally, socially, all of it.

You absorb your kid’s pain and sorrow and bring them light and love.

You comfort your kid in pain and you cry in private.

You protect and defend.

You research. You re-research.

We are alike in so many ways. I’ve met you or I haven’t met you. We’re still alike.

We are different only in the ways we get some things done to get the same results. We respect in each other that we each have our own path.

You have advocate muscles you never knew were in you. Me too.

You memorize medications, side effects, symptoms of illnesses and diseases and monitor the little idiosyncrasies of such with laser focus.

You see what others do not see. You make them see what they should.

You are like a hawk disguised as a parent.

We share a lot of commonalities, you and I. Like fear over big and (what others deem) small things, financial stress, relationships needing our time and attention, and our deep appreciation for making even minutes count.

We especially appreciate the good times because we live with the knowledge there will be bad times. We know the bad times will come so we make those minutes count.

Milestones mean more to us than typical parents. We agree we’re not typical but our normal feels normal.

We are alike, you and I. I feel connected because of our shared happy and sad events.

I feel stronger when I know you have been and I feel sad when you’re sad.

When something tragic happens to your family it feels very closely like it’s happening to mine.

Because you are me.

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