Monday, July 22, 2013

Mondays are for the BEES!

This is for the BEES....

All our bees that have been featured in our "Bee-ography" and/or "Meet the Bees!" series here on our blog will be recapped in this post with quick link to read their stories. Not only have we featured some amazing stories, but we have many more to update on and share! So, as you're catching up we hope you'll consider submitting your own new story or continuation from a previous post for us to share. There is no better way to raise awareness of the possibilities that exist for our little ones than to share about them defying all those odds set against them by the medical community.

A "bee-ography" is the story of the life of one of our bees, written by a parent or caregiver or even another family member, which showcases their journey with hydranencephaly. If you have written one in the past, you will find the link here below, and we would love to share a continuation of their journey. If you have not written one yet, please send one to us at with pictures you'd like to include. We can send you a template to follow if that helps, just email a request for one!

August 9, 2011: Mason by his mother, Sue
August 23, 2011: bee-mommy to Brayden, Ali
February 13, 2012: Marsean by  his mommy, Krystle
February 20, 2012: Peyton by her mommy, Linsey
February 27, 2012: Mellissa by her daddy, Matt
February 4, 2013: Burkleigh by Aunt Krista
March 11, 2012: Oryen by his mommy, Jerry Lynn
April 16, 2012: Carsyn by his mommy, Paula
April 20, 2012: Brianna by her mommy, Barbara
June 25, 2012: "We Believe" video by Global Hydranencephaly Foundation

Bee-ography Template: this is just a guideline and not a set line of questions to follow. Feel free to share your child's story from your heart, but we would love for you to include pictures along the way!

Bee-Ography Submission
1)      Describe your pregnancy?  Was child diagnosed in utero? Any complications with pregnancy?  Any suspensions from doctors as to what may have caused the diagnosis?  What information did you get from doctor?
2)      What type of support did you get from doctors, family, friends, social  workers, etc….
3)      After you child was born, what type of surgeries and medical interventions were needed and at what age did the surgeries occur?
4)      What impact has your child had on your life?
5)      What type of information do you wish you would’ve had after diagnosis?
6)      What activities does your child enjoy?  Do they like certain toys, eating certain foods, comfort are they comforted with certain people.
7)      Any other pertinent information you would like to include?  Include as many pictures as you would like.  

"Meet the Bees" is our series showcasing one of our little bees in a photo collage with details about them: including favorite colors, nickname, past-time, interests, and more! Submit your info to Katie Wright via Facebook!

February 18, 2013: Brayden
February 25, 2013: Ethan
March 4, 2013: Brianna
March 11, 2013: Serena
March 18, 2013: Phillip
March 25, 2013: Damian
April 1, 2013: Enzo
April 8, 2013: Christian
April 15, 2013: Natalia
April 22, 2013: Johnny
May 6, 2013: Breanna
May 13, 2013: Khloe
May 20, 2013: Sophie
July 15, 2013: Chrissy

We look forward to sharing your own little bees with the world! Thank you for all that you do to help us on our mission of reaching more families through awareness and education!

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