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Good winds and happy greens to all of the golfers today at the 3rd Annual Pierson DeHart Memorial Golf Scramble in Indiana. Pierson was diagnosed with hydranencephaly and grew his little angel wings in 2009, after 22 months of blessings to his family here on earth. We know his memory is being kept alive with this great event and continues to shine on in the hearts of everyone who was fortunate to know him during his little life and even after!

Thank you to his mommy, Melissa, for the honor of allowing us to sponsor one of the holes today and share a little more about our foundation and the condition that so few people know anything about. Raising awareness is an essential step in our mission to ensure every child faced with hydranencephaly is given an opportunity to live the quality of life they deserve! 

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Annual golf scramble scheduled

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Proceeds from the third Pierson DeHart Memorial Golf Scramble will go to benefit Jace DeLong (above), son of Jerod and Sarah DeLong.
The third Pierson DeHart Memorial Golf Scramble will take place Saturday, July 27, at the Forest Park Golf Course.

According to organizers, lunch will begin at noon, with tee times set for 1 p.m.

The scramble is played in memory of Pierson DeHart, who died May 7, 2009, after suffering Hydranencephaly. He was only 22 months old.

Pierson was born July 30, 2007. While in-utero, he suffered a stroke and developed Hydranencephaly, which occurs when a traumatic experience cuts off the blood supply to the developing brain and sections of the brain are replaced with Cerebral Spinal Fluid.

The golf scramble was organized by Pierson's parents, Chris and Melissa DeHart, as a way to help others in addition to memorializing Pierson.

Cost to participate is $50 per person, which includes lunch and cart fees.

The 18-hole golf scramble will feature cash prizes for the top two teams.

This year, Melissa DeHart said all money raised will go to the family of Jace DeLong, son of Jerod and Sarah DeLong.

According to Melissa, Jace was born with Spina Bifida and Hydrocephalus.

Melissa said Jace is 18 months old and has had to have several surgeries and hospital stays during his short life.

"He also sees many doctors and has to travel to Indianapolis for most of his doctor's visits," Melissa said.

Two years ago, all monies raised were given to Carter Quinn, son of Joe and Stephanie Quinn. Last year, all monies raised went to Ella Hoffman, daughter of Case and Afton Hoffman.

"We have such a great community that has reached out and supported us during Pierson's life that we want to extend that same support to a family in the community facing a similar situation," Melissa said.

"The past two years have been a great success and we hope to continue with another successful year."

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