Sunday, May 12, 2013

Community Sundays: Fundraising

Sundays here on the blog, we will now be featuring ways you can bring awareness to your own communities through fundraisers and awareness campaigns. Of course, if there is ever anything you'd like assistance with in your area... please don't hesitate to contact us for assistance! We are happy to help make your event a raging success!!

This week's idea was snagged from a local hydrocephalus/spina bifida awareness group that Brayden and I were thrilled to be involved in upon moving to Washington. If you're looking for a crafty, clever, hands-on awareness event to plan in your community... this is a great one!

GHF AwarenessBee-LieveI Love Someone

Plan a date for the event and ask that participants order their choice of black & white awareness t-shirt designs from our CafePress store. You can also plan to pre-order shirts in bulk if that is an easier option for you! Those tees will be brought to the event and tie-dyed... not only does it present a fun-filled event for your participants, but it leaves a large group of individuals in your community with awareness tees to continue spreading awareness upon wearing them. At your event you can also plan silent auction or raffle items, as well as the tie-dye project. 

In any instance that you plan an event featuring Global Hydranencephaly Foundation's logo or namesake, be sure to keep in mind that funds raised must be donated to GHF in some capacity agreed upon before your event. It is unlawful to use our foundation's trademarked image or company reputation in raising funds for your family personally, though we are happy to help in those instances should you contact us directly in advance. 

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