Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Toy-FULL Tuesday: Jingle Bells... all year round!

Today's post comes from hydran-mommy to Chrissy AND Sophie, and other amazing and wonderful kids, who also happens to be the treasurer & marketing director for GHF. (she's one busy, and GREATLY APPRECIATED, lady!!) Thanks Angela!


These musical bells are one of Chrissy's favorite toys! She loves them so much, and will hit her switch and hold it down for a long time to listen to them play. She was first introduced to the musical bells by a therapist in her ECI program when she was just a little thing. But we could never afford to buy her a set of her own. Holly Fielder Bowers, another mom on our hydran support group sent this set to us a few years ago. 

These bells were also one of her daughter Kirsten's favorite toys. After Kirsten earned her angel wings, Holly wanted Chrissy to have the bells. We had to wait a while, because her sweet son Noah, was attached to the bells, remembering them as one of his sister's favorites! 
Once Noah was okay with sending them to Chrissy, Holly sent them our way! We want Holly and Noah to know how much they mean to us to this day! Every time Chrissy plays with them and has a beautiful smile on her face while she does, we think of Kirsten! 

This is a shining example of the love our hydran families have for one another and for each other's children!

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