Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Toy-FULL Tuesday: Get out and ROLL!

The birds are chirping, the grass is looking greener, and the trees are a little less naked... spring is in the air! And getting outdoors and enjoying some fresh air is exactly what everyone needs after being cooped up indoors battling bugs and boredom.

Why not go biking?

Seems a little unfeasible with a child who is non-ambulatory, huh?

Not impossible, however... remember our motto: "Believe in the Impossible"

It's true... maybe a little more challenging, or necessary of a little more creativity or time... but not impossible. And not only is it a great way to enjoy the outdoors, but a FUN way to sneak in a little therapy as well ;)

Check this out:

That fancy contraption is The Duet and one of my most favorite inventions for the special needs community since it can be used for children up to adults!!  Their website even shares THIS PDF for raising funds to acquire the one and only Duet Wheelchair Bicycle Tandem. Let us know if you manage to get your bottom in the seat of one of these... but be sure you wear a helmet (I'm a little concerned that the above picture, from their website, does not show the biker or passenger with helmets! eeeK!)

May not be suitable for littler loves... like many of our little "bees" who are toddler to preteen in majority. Have no fear, there are solutions for them too! I know most of you have seen the roll-behind bicycle trailers, so I'll save a little time by just letting you know that is a great option... set a child's tumbleform/feeder seat in the seatbelt and you're ready to roll! And just a tip, your roll will be smoother if the tires are rubber and fatter than the average bike tires!

Some other options for little people include (click the links under the pics to check out the websites for more details):
Trailmate Double Joyrider
Trailmate Double Joyrider
Rifton Adaptive Tricycles
The Rifton Adaptive Tricycles

Freedom Concepts Adventure Tandem
The Adventurer Tandem
Kettler Air Navigator
the Kettrike Happy Navigator Air

You can also check out Toys-R-Us (be sure to sign up with iGive.com, download the toolbar button, and donate to Global Hydranencephaly Foundation for purchases online without a second of extra effort... there are thousands of other stores to purchase and donate from as well!):

and you can score this inexpensive alternative to typical adapted trikes that carry the label "for special  needs" and an automatic heftier price tag:

3 Wheel Ride on Fun
They have a few options similar to the one above, find all tricycles HERE

And my personal favorite are the Amtryke adapted tricycles from AMBUCS, since they're a great personable company and help with fundraising to achieve this mode of mobility for your little person. My own little man, Brayden, had actually just received his... but sadly was never able to give a roll before being called on his mission to heaven. SO, it will be up for bid in our silent auction at our Summer of Success: Global Hydranencephaly Foundation Conference in Dallas, Texas June 14-16. Check out details  HERE and get your rooms booked, flight tickets purchased, and tickets paid for to attend... it will be a grand event that you will not want to miss!!

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