Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Toy-FULL Tuesday: Molly & Milly & Bennett too!

Our friends at Molly & Milly's Zoo-cephaly: Globe Trotting Awareness Animals partnered with Global Hydranencephaly Foundation to bring to you our very own traveling Bennett Buzz-bee (our logo bee and representative of all our little "bees"). 

From the founder of the zoo-cephaly, which was started in February 2012, Heather Tuttle-Sklar: 

"The main reason for this page is my daughter, Ella Hope. She has Microcephaly. She had an extremely rough start to life, but is doing fairly well. She has taught me so much about life. She has inspired me to reach out to other families who have Microcephaly with cute and cuddly outreach monkeys. 

We started out with Molly and Milly the Microcephaly MONKEY twins. With visits to many homes Molly and Milly continue to spread joy and awareness. 

Joining them is Leo the Lissencephaly ("smooth brain") LION. 

As well as Bennett Buzz-Bee the Hydranencephaly (missing brain parts that are instead filled with brain fluid) Bee. 

Also, joining the travels is Sunny the Shizencephaly (abnormal slits in the brain) BEAR."

Bennett has just begun his travels with his first stop in Texas with the Mason girls, Chrissy & Sophie.  
Photo: Chrissy and Bennett Buzz-Bee the Hydranencephaly Bee having some cuddles and happy moments in Texas!Photo: Chrissy's sissy, Sophie loves Bennett, too! Oooooo....<3

Bennett enjoyed some good great country music, rodeo parades on tv, and tons of Texas sunshine in February! Chrissy (left) was all smiles while Sophie (right) soaked up some cuddle time. Bennett even collected a rodeo momento in his souvenir bag before traveling to Washington...

more to come on his trip to Brayden's family in Washington soon! If you would like for Bennett to travel to your house and spend some time with your little bee (angel bee families included), contact me at President@HydranencephalyFoundation.org or email Heather directly through her Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Molly-and-Millys-ZooCephaly-Globe-Trotting-Awareness-Animals

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