Thursday, March 14, 2013

Thankful Thursday: Family

You know the saying, something along the lines of:

"Family is not always blood. Family is not always those people in your life who you have known the longest. Sometimes it is those people who stick by you and support you, through the ups and downs, and never let you go far from their heart."

Ok, I embellished that to my own liking... but you get the drift and I'm sure you've heard variations of the sentiment yourself.

I've said it several times here, I'll say it again this Thankful Thursday. I have immense amounts of gratitude for my hydran-family, our network of families who come together from afar in an online support group on Facebook. Some of those families have met others, I've met a a few. MOST of those families have never met another family there. 

Yet, those families hold each and every one of the other families close in their hearts at all times. I know for myself, I think about the ill children constantly, those who have grown their angel wings forever hold a place in my heart, and those who accomplish great things... I celebrate for them in a big way, just as if it were my own child! My daughters know nearly every child by name when they see their pictures. These families are a part of my life, my heart.
While the circumstances that brought us all together are far less than ideal, I feel that we all agree that we could not have found a greater bunch of parents to share in this journey with. 

That said, our support network is in the running for an amazing honor. Readers Choice for Favorite Special Needs Support Group Online. Just to be nominated is an amazing opportunity, but we sure would love to hold this award wholeheartedly and celebrate the amazing support environment our families have created. 

Help us by voting daily until March 19th HERE. It literally only takes seconds... and we would be ever so grateful for your time!

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