Saturday, March 23, 2013

25 Ways to Fill a Bee-utiful Easter Basket

Our little bees have their own way of doing things, and celebrating holidays is no exception! With easter approaching, and some families even participating in egg hunts this weekend as well, I thought I would help with some ideas that are ideal for our little ones who need a little extra attention.

Here find 25 inexpensive ideas for filling your child's easter baskets, without candy. Helpful  not only if they have hydranencephaly, but any neuro-related condition which limits their mobility or ability to interact with the world in the traditional way. 

Of course, the plastic eggs you can use to fill with some of the smaller items are perfect to utilize as rattles or to coat the outside with sensory fabrics. They're the perfect size to fit in to most little children's hands!

1. jingle bells from the craft section
2. pom poms, also from the craft section
3. squishee balls
4. small whistles
5. nail polish, for the bee-beauties
6. lip gloss, also for the bee-beauties
7. hair accessories, you get the point ;)
8. play dough
9. orbeez, great therapy tool! Check them out HERE
10. ear buds
11. cute socks
12. bubbles, an absolute must!
13. finger paints
14. electric toothbrush, not only great for hygiene but oral stimulation therapy as well!
15. flower planting kit, another great sensory tool.. playing in the dirt with mom & dad!
16. bunny fur... i.e. cotton balls, more craft items for sensory play!
17. mini lights, especially the great spinners they sell around the holidays
18. easter-themed DVD, a few ideas from my own shelf:
             It's the Easter Beagle, Charlie Brown
             Winnie the Pooh, Springtime with Roo
             Here Comes Peter Cottontail
19. Easter or Spring-time related books (I would often make regular cardboard kids books in to sensory books by glueing in different textures and colors to the pictures, things like sandpaper, feathers, cottonballs, fabric scraps, foil, tissue paper, faux fur, felt... much more inexpensive than buying sensory books and you can replace it if it wears thin!)
20. maracas & rattles 
21. rainsticks
22. cheesy wind-up easter toys... especially the ones that hop, hop, hop!
23. new tube buttons for those tubie loves
24. fake grass, annoying when it's found throughout your house for months... but great sensory play item!
25. one chocolate bunny ;) Your child can have a wee little taste, and the rest is for mommy or daddy!

Let me know what items you come up with!

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