Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Toy-FULL Tuesday: Noodling

I don't know how the weather is where you are, but here it is a little chilly to be thinking about pool items. Nonetheless, the day after Valentines day the pool supplies started hitting the store helves... the best of those supplies for kids with complex medical concerns & other special needs: 

foam pool noodles!!!

Here are just a few ideas and if you all have more, PLEASE share them with us!!

Sensory room garland (pool noodles sometimes come in different shapes and are so fun cut in to slices): 

How to make a Pool Noodle Flower Garland Make a Pool Noodle Garland
photos & ideas courtesy of www.tipjunkie.com

Sensory Room pool noodle OVERLOAD!!! 

Make a headboard or fun playmat, wedges, or ramps:

How to make a Pool Noodle Headboard         

photo courtesy of www.tipjunkie.com

Project - Pool Noodle Rooftop - Architizer
click HERE to read more on these chairs/wedges

Make a fun positional chair or standing incentive:

chair and ottoman made entirely of foam noodle-like tubes
photos & ideas courtesy of www.tipjunkie.com

Make paint stencils!!

Pool Noodle Painting Activity
photos and ideas courtesy of www.tipjunkie.com

Card holder (great for eye gaze prompts):

Positional sitting and safety:

Pool Noodle Shopping Cart SafetyCheap and Easy, Travel Bed Rail
photos courtesy of www.tipjunkie.com

Instead of bedrails.. Simply put pool noodles under the fitted sheet, on both sides. It creates speed bumps on the sides and a cozy little "nest" for your toddler.  Don't waste your money on fancy bedrails that you won't need for long anyway. Pool noodles are a simple, easy fix!

Water play... combining sensory, tactile, and motor skills:

sliced pool noodles and water ramp
Water Ramp with Pool Noodle Slices from CAUTION! Twins at Play!

Pool Noodle Marble Race Track by eschelinmarble run using pool noodles

Got to try this one. Looks awesome!    You will need some gelatin ( I used plain  and added kool-aid for color.  Make jello as for jigglers, then add to large tub of water.  pool noodle (cut into lilly pads), some plastic swamp creatures.
click HERE to find out how!
Homemade Linky-Doos: 
Pool noodles for countdown chain (I like it bc it's reusable vs construction paper) ((Great idea .. I think Alani and I will make a trip to Wal-Mart and pick up some noodles. This will definitely be better than the paper chain! ))

Lifesize Lincoln Logs anyone:
Life size Lincoln Logs made out of pool noodles! Yet another use for those awesome noodles!
click HERE for resource

Door stopper... great for those little ones who are are easily awoken, or to protect doors closing on tiny fingers:
Pool Noodle Door Stopper

Be sure to share your noodling creations with us via email President@HydranencephalyFoundation.org or on our Facebook page at: http://www.facebook.com/globalHYDRANENCEPHALYfoundation


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