Monday, February 18, 2013

Introducing "Meet the Bees" Mondays

Our mission has always and will always be centered around the lives of those with hydranencephaly. We love to bring their stories to you each Monday through "Bee-Ographies". (The life stories of these little "bees" written by the parents/caregivers.) Because of the busy lives parents and caregivers of little Bees lead, we don't always have a bee-ography to share with you on Mondays. We still love to show the world our extraordinary "Bees", and are always looking for new submissions. While we would love to share a bee-ography written by thoe closest to the Bees every Monday, we have come up with a new way to share these cuties with you. 

We are introducing our "Meet the Bees" collages today. We are hoping to be able to show off a new Bee each week, whether it's through a "Bee-Orgaphy" or a "Meet the Bees" collage. We thought it was only fitting to start with the Bee who started it all, so without further ado...

If you'd like to submit your own hydran Bee's story for a 
"Bee-orgraphy Monday", please contact Alicia Harper at

If you'd like to submit your Bee for "Meet the Bees" please contact Katie at

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