Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Toy-FULL Tuesday: Bottle Holder

Our little bees aren't as independent as most kids... and feeding/drinking becomes a huge concern for many reasons. Some of our kids try their darndest, showing honorable displays of determination, in helping do things for themselves... but oftentimes not quite getting themselves together enough to do it alone.

I'll speak from experience in that my own little man went through periods that he would try to self feed via spoon and his beloved silicone spout Nuby cups. He would even grab his cups by the handles... and hold his spoons himself. What a glorious mess he would always make, but that mess was the best!

I stumbled upon this product via Pinterest (if you're on Pinterest, my personal account has an entire board established for all great things that are foundation related... check it out HERE, but not too intently so I can continue to snag up some more readers with the gems of info I'm finding there!)

AND, the best news is that it's available for purchase at Diapers.com... an affiliate with iGive.com who will donate a whopping 0.8% of your purchase to Global Hydranencephaly Foundation once established. Sign up to make donations with many of your online purchases at HUNDREDS of stores by clicking HERE

Here it is... so simple, yet SO great!! If you buy one, let us know how it works for your little ones:

but it now, HERE

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