Monday, December 10, 2012

Manic Monday: Out and About

Getting out and about with kids who require extra equipment is not an easy task, but most parents will happily go the extra mile to include their children in even the most mundane of daily tasks. Those occasions, sadly, meet with stares and sideways glances... 

Another misconception that those who have never been a big factor in the life of a child with a medically complex diagnosis, is that our kids are a burden or that their needs take up so much of our time that we resent that fact. Comments such as:

"I'm so sorry for you!"
"You poor thing, it must be so tiring caring for them."
"Won't you be glad when you can have some time to yourself for a change?"

or worse, when your child's time on earth has come to an end:

"Thank goodness their suffering is over. You must be so relieved to be able to do the things you've wanted to do for yourself for a change." 

they're all common, believe it or not.

When the fact of the matter is, every special need parent I have met along the way will agree that their child... despite the complexity of the condition or the challenges faced... is a blessing to every life they touch on their journey. Never a burden and certainly not one to be pitied. 

Next time you see a parent with a child who has obvious extra medical care needs, feel free to ask about their child... with a smile, of course. Not because you pity them, but because just like any other parent... that parent LOVES to talk about and brag on their child.

"I am a parent of a child with special needs. Yesterday I had to explain to a stranger your diagnosis. I saw pity in their eyes. But for the first time I smiled inside. Because I know how lucky I am to have found unconditional love, and actually, I pitied the stranger. For I know more strength, I know more goodness, I know more love now than before you were in my life little one. You have indeed, found the better part of me."

~from our friends at HOPElights

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