Tuesday, October 16, 2012

BEE AWARE: FUN Globe-Trotting Awareness Event

Global Hydranencephaly Foundation is proud to be teaming up with our friend, Heather, at Molly and Milly's ZooCephaly (Globe-Trotting Awareness Animals). Here's a little about her mission:

"The purpose of Molly and Milly's ZooCephaly is three-fold. First and foremost, it is an ever growing outreach endevour to spread both awareness as well as hope among the community of childhood neurological disorders. Molly and Milly began their journeys first among the Microcephaly community. They have visited over 20 families between them, picking up memories, pictures and stories from each of those amazing families from all over the USA as well as Canada and the UK to share on the FB page and the blog. We are adding more communities with the addition of three new stuffed GLOBE TROTTING ANIMALS: Leo the Lissencephaly Lion, Sunny the Schizencephaly Bear and Bennett Buzz-Bee the Hydranencephaly Bee.They will all start their Globe Trotting as soon as possible."

This is the traveling Bennett Buzz-Bee, minus the Gucci logo on the bandana:

Bumble Bee Pillow Pal Stuffed Animal with Bandana, Price/piece

1.) Fill out this mini-form and message it to ZooCephaly Globe-Trotting Awareness Animals FB page or a personal message to mission founder, Heather Tuttle Sklar

Animal(s) of Interest: "Bennett Buzz-Bee"

Your Name:

Your Child's FULL Name:

Brief description of child's disorder:

Address where you want us to send the animal:

2.) I will contact you with an estimate of the month you will receiving the animal.

3.) I will then contact you when the animal has left the previous family's home.

4.) Once you receive the animal, you will find the animal in the box, with the following items (contact me asap if something is missing):

(a.) A journal 

(b.) a small photo album 
(c.) a bag or collection of items that the animal may have collected along the way. 

(d.) a purple tiny monkey for Milly, a Sock Monkey key chain for Molly and a bunny for Sunny. 
*** Sometimes you will also find a gift from the last family for your child. 

5.) Let me know as soon as you get the visiting animal. I will then send you the address of the next family on the list.

6.) You are to keep Milly, Molly, Leo, Penny, Sunny or Bennett Buzz for a week (if something happens to prevent you for sending the animal on after 1 week, let me know as soon as possible!)

7.) While the animal is with you, have lots of fun!

- Take lots of pictures. 
- Put some pics in the included photo album (if the album is full, let me know if you want me to send you a new one or if you are able to donate a small one). Post some photos on the facebook page and/or send me some on my personal FB account ~ Heather Tuttle Sklar)
- Please, use two or three pages of the journal to write about your visit with Milly, Molly, Penny, Leo, Sunny, Bennett Buzz-Bee (write as if you were that animal).
- Find something to represent the state or area in which live to add to the animal's collection

8.) On the 6th or 7th day of the animal's visit get her/him ready to be put in the mail. Check the list above and put them all back in the box.

9.) Send Molly, Milly, Penny, Leo, Sunny, Bennett Buzz-Bee on his/her travels!

We REALLY hope you all will participate and make this a fun-filled adventure around the world!! Bennett Buzz-Bee is happy to visit angel homes to visit places of rest, memorial gardens, & favorite places in the angel-bee's hometown. 

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