Friday, September 7, 2012

Flashback Friday: Hydrocephalus Awareness

Reminiscing is so important to remind us all how far we have come... when your child is living with a complex medical condition, such as hydranencephaly, looking back is that much more important.

Looking back via pictures is most important to the parent(s) who see their child day in and day out, unable to witness the transformation as it happens before their eyes; a good reminder to that parent of how far they and their child have come together... how much they have both grown and overcome. Not only is it therapeutic for the parent and/or caregiver, but encouragement and guidance to those who are travelling the same or similar journey far behind.

Every week in our "Flashback Friday" series, we encourage our families to use this opportunity to share their glimpses in to the past with our readers here. A milestone met, a life-altering event, pictures, stories, and lessons learned... all of the stepping stones and set-backs, moments that took your breath away, and "typical" days you'll remember in your "a-typical" child's life. 

Please share these with us by emailing to

And for this week's post, meet Addison:

Addison is nearing her 6th birthday...

but at the tender age of 3 months old, she had her life-saving shunt placed for hydrocephalus management:

and at her first birthday:

Thanks to bee-mommy to Addy, who just so happens to be the Vice President of Global Hydranencephaly Foundation, for sharing her sweet girl with the world!

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