Tuesday, September 11, 2012

BUZZ... announcement

Bennett Buzz-bee and our global logo are now copyright registered! 

 The people behind Global Hydranencephaly work incredibly hard and do so through volunteering their time, energies, and talent to helping us be successful; thus they are extremely prideful of their work and continue to work hard to ensure we maintain our great reputation along the way. 

There are specific laws that are entailed and we simply must remind you of some of these stipulations to ensure you all are protected as well as our level of professionalism when it comes to activity involving GHF. If any of the following is unclear and prompts any further explanation, please do not hesitate to email with questions/concerns to President@HydranencephalyFoundation.org 

- Brayden Alexander Global Foundation for Hydranencephaly was incorporated as a nonprofit organization in the Commonwealth of Virginia on June 11, 2011. We function by a governing document of by-laws and articles of incorporation, which were devised by our acting Board of Directors at incorporation time, and approved by the State Corporation Commission. 

- Since then, we have adopted the “doing business as” name of Global Hydranencephaly Foundation for ease of use purposes and to avoid any misrepresentation in usage of services and finances. This is the current name you will find associated with our mission and vision, but those things have never changed… simply the name. 

- GHF expects to receive their official 501c3 nonprofit tax exempt status no later than the end of 2012. While we are a professional entity, we are also very new to the world of nonprofit business and learning as we go. While it has taken a considerable amount of time to achieve, tax exemption shall be retroactive to the date of incorporation, for those who have donated and are awaiting tax exemption confirmation.

- Our business name in its entirety, or utilizing simply the dba, has an active trademark application open which will limit the usage of it by an individual and/or other organizations or business without written permission. A trademark protects words, phrases, symbols, or designs that distinguish GHF from other similar organizations.

- Our logo; to include Bennett Buzz-bee with the name “Global Hydranencephaly Foundation” above, “Believe in the Impossible” within, and our foundation web site www.hydranencephalyfoundation.org are now copyrighted. National copyright laws generally allow the use of limited portions of the work, including quotes, but only for purposes such as news reporting and private personal use. 

Trademark protects the business name, while the copyright protects the original works of authorship. In the case of our logo, Sarah Garcia designed our bee and gave full permission for its usage in our logo design as it stands today. This copyright gives GHF economic rights enabling the controlled use of our logo when making copies, issuing copies to the public, performing in public, broadcasting, and utilization online. GHF also maintains the morals rights to be identified as the creator of the logo, and the right to disallow distortion or mutilation of it.

GHF holds the exclusive right to use or authorize others to use the work on agreed terms, such as in instances where our logo is utilized in printable files via our web site and in online publications where GHF has given this permission or created the works themselves. We have the ability to prohibit or authorize its reproduction in a variety of forms, its usage in public broadcast, and even its translation in to other languages. However, in cases that representation will be fitting of the mission and vision of our organization, as well as appropriate recognition of Global Hydranencephaly Foundation, simple written request is sufficient for permissive use.

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