Friday, August 31, 2012

Tomorrow is the day!!

My sincerest apologies that this blog has remained so incredibly quiet for the past month!! 

Needless to say, life of a mommy is always busy. When you add to that fact that your little bee, living with hydranencephaly, undergoes hip reconstruction and osteotomy surgery right with a week-long hospitalization and spica cast placement before contracting aspiration pneumonia, status epilepticus, and septic shock with collapsible airway complications landing us in the pediatric intensive care unit for another 17 days... some things just have to give for a bit. 

However, this does not mean that the foundation has not been hard at work, even if you don't see it!! 
We are so fortunate to have a dedicated team of volunteers who are always researching, fundraising, and reaching out to more and more families across the globe; all of the time!! 
So, that said... tomorrow is the day!! Not only is it the day we will begin having regular daily posts here on our blog again, but it's also the last day to get your awareness t-shirts purchased in time to be included in our next big order. 


Here are the steps for ordering:

1) Visit the MERCHANDISE tab on our web site
2) Choose the tee design quantities you would like 
3) Pay securely using PayPal
4) Visit the sign-up sheet at CustomInk to complete your order by signing up for the designs you choose:
                      ~black "I love someone..." HERE
                      ~honey "I bee-lieve in the impossible..." HERE
                      ~bee tee "I AM the impossible" HERE

All merchandise sales are helping GHF to reach their fundraising goals to host the first ever Global Hydranencephaly Foundation Conference in Dallas, Texas, June 14-16, 2013.


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