Monday, July 9, 2012

Bee-ography Monday

So, as our bee-ography availability has dwindled to a minimum... we have started to focus a bit on our bee-sibs. The brothers, sisters, and other little people in the lives of our little loves with hydranencephaly. We started with a coloring contest (the larger photos are our 3 winners from 3 different age groups):

And now are focused on our HUGE sibling book project that we need your help in making successful! 

The story goes like this (featuring little sister, complete with wheels):

Bennett Buzz-Bee's Little Sister

Bennett's family just brought home a new baby.
She is a very special baby. The doctor gave her a funny word "hydranencephaly".
Bennett thinks she's funny too!
He helps his parents take care of his little sister.
Bennett is very glad to be a big brother.

Then the question:
"How do YOU feel about your brother or sister with hydranencephaly?"

...for the siblings to answer in their own words! For those who are too young to write, parents can help write but we ask that they simply dictate their child's exact response to the question in order to recognize the value our little bees have on the other littlest ones in the family.

The story also includes coloring book pages for the sibling to color and share, older siblings can simply submit their answer to the question. 

Responses can be snail-mailed (for best quality in the reproduction process) to:

Devoney Wolfe
444 Duvall Courts
Twin Falls, ID 83301

...and include a self addressed stamped envelope if you'd like your copies returned to you. 

The compilation of stories will be published and bound, with a goal of making the book available for purchase in time for the holidays... but we need everyone's help to make this project as beautiful as we envision it to be. What a lovely sentiment to the lives our little bees share with everyone they know & love.

To download the book for your little ones to submit, visit our website or click HERE to access the pdf.

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