Thursday, May 24, 2012

Thankful Thursday: Littlest One

Too often parents of children with hydranencephaly, or any life-limiting, medically complex condition, find themselves being pitied and felt sorry for. In actuality, these parents find themselves in love with the little life they have been given and learn so much all along the way. Others should, instead, be envious of the miraculous little lives that these parents get to be a part of... as they have so many important lessons to teach along the way:

Image courtesy of Little Town Photography

Dear Littlest one,

With every breath you take, you take my breath away.
With every beat of your heart, my heart skips a beat.
With your every hour you fight, you teach me that winning takes patience.
With every tear you shed, I shed a thousand more.
With every gaze you give me, I see a clearer picture.
With every ounce you gain, I gain an ounce of hope.
With every step forward you take, I stand up taller with pride.
With every gentle grasp of my finger, you show me the true meaning of strength.
With every bit of your courage, you show me how to be brave.
With every day that passes, you teach me that time can hold a miracle; and this I know is true…for every time I hold you, I experience one.

You may be the smallest and hardest blessing I have had in my life, but you have taught me life’s biggest and simplest lessons. Lessons of hope, faith, and most importantly lessons of unconditional love.

Love always your mummy

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