Saturday, May 5, 2012

Shareworthy: Bereaved Mothers

Tomorrow, a week before many mothers will celebrate Mothers Day in the US, is recognized in the lives of far too many... as International Bereaved Mothers Day. Never in a lifetime does a parent prepare to face the loss of a child, their own child. So many little lives have come and gone out of my own life, little lives who have had such a tremendous impact on who I am and where I've gone... forever in our hearts to stay:

This day was created by us in 2010 and it now falls on the first Sunday of every May.

This special day was created to honour and celebrate mothers who carry some if not all of their children in their hearts rather than their arms. In our modern day society, mothers who are grieving the death of their babies and children are usually forgotten. The traditional Mothers Day has proven to be an emotionally difficult day for so many mothers around the world.

On this day each year we come together to celebrate our connection, our babies and children and our hope for the future. We look at their ultrasound photos, polish their urns, lay flowers at their graves, visit special places and light candles in their memory.

Sunday May 6th 2012, get together with your closest friends and family who understand and celebrate you. Celebrate your children.

Visit our facebook page to join the community of bereaved mothers.

To help raise awareness for this beautiful day take some flowers from the flower gallery below. Post them as your profile image on your favourite social network. Post them on your friends walls on facebook and let them know they are beautiful mothers. Please feel welcome to use the images on your blogs or websites.

Untied in grief we find recognition and strength.

Wishing you all love and blessings for our Mothers Day.

With light,

Ask My Mom How She Is

My Mom, she tells a lot of lies, She never did before
But from now until she dies, She’ll tell a whole lot more.
Ask my Mom how she is And because she can’t explain,
She will tell a little lie because she can’t describe the pain.
Ask my Mom how she is, She’ll say”I’m alright.”
If that’s the truth, then tell me,why does she cry each night ?
Ask my Mom how she is She seems to cope so well,
She didn’t have a choice you see, Nor the strength to yell.
Ask my Mom how she is,”I’m fine, I’m well, I’m coping.”
For God’s sake Mom, just tell the truth, Just say your heart is broken.
She’ll love me all her life, I loved her all of mine.
But if you ask her how she is, She’ll lie and say she’s fine.
I am here in Heaven, I cannot hug from here.
If she lies to you don’t listen, Hug her and hold her near.
On the day we meet again, We’ll smile and I’ll be bold.
I’ll say, “You’re lucky to get in here, Mom, With all the lies you told!”

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