Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Toy-FULL Tuesday

The weather is BEE-UTIFUL as spring is here... and before it gets too hot to enjoy the outdoors, we have been soaking up the sunshine and warmer temps.

On every bee's wish list:
Bee Smart Trike Zoo 3 in 1 by Paragon Group USA

This week's "toy" is perfect for just that... AND it can be utilized in the house during inclement weather with the addition of one simple piece ;)

Trainer Roller and  2 Wheel Blocks

Bee-lieve it or not, our little ones can greatly benefit from the use of an adapted bike/trike. A few of our little bees have used them, hopefully many more to come! The company we are personally utilizing is AMBUCS:

Established in 1994, AmTryke is a company owned and operated by National AMBUCS™, Inc, a national service organization dedicated to creating mobility and independence for people with disabilities. Over the years, AmTryke has designed a wide range of models, sizes, and adaptations suitable for many diagnoses at a low cost. 

We currently offer foot cycles, hand cycles, and combination hand/foot powered cycles. To insure a proper fit, AmTrykes can be adapted in many ways including frame size, seat selection, trunk and leg support. This makes it ideal for individuals with a variety of special needs. 

As a therapeutic tricycle, AmTrykes help young riders improve their motor skills, endurance and strength. It is fun to ride and offers the opportunity for inclusive play. For adults, AmTrykes provide a new form of mobility, exercise, and freedom to explore the community.

For therapists the use of the therapeutic tricycle will provide the clinician an age appropriate, safe, dynamic modality for improving balance, coordination, and strength. The cycles can build endurance, self confidence and provide another form of self mobility aside from the assistive device that the rider may routinely use (ie. wheelchair, crutches, walker).  The multiple adjustments and accessories that this unique cycle offers makes it a valuable addition to the medical therapy units repertoire of therapeutic devices used to further develop the functional skills of the people they serve.

For parents and families the use of the AmTryke fulfills the need of every child to have a bike. Everyone deserves a chance to ride just like their siblings and friends. AmTrykes offer a safe, stable platform and are designed to look like bikes, not medical equipment.

Here is a link to their catalog online: http://ambucs.org/assets/Catalogs/amtrykecatalog-summer2011/index.html where you will find customized pieces to build your little one their very own bike!

The also have available the "wish list" program:

The AmTryke Wish List was created as a way to ensure that even individuals with limited financial resources were still able to enjoy the fun and freedom of riding their own bike.

If someone is in need of an AmTryke but is unable to purchase it themselves that individual may be placed on the Wish List to receive donations from friends, family members and our vast network of supporters.

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