Monday, April 23, 2012

Bee-ography Monday

Sadly, I don't have any new bee-ographies to share this week. However, in case you've missed any of our previous editions, they're all listed here (just click the name to go to the post):

Nevaeh: grandparents edition
Malcolm: grandparents edition
Haydin: grandparents edition
Brayden: grandparents edition
Burkleigh: grandparents edition
Chrissy: adoption edition
Tariku: adoption edition

We have a couple of themed months coming up in May & June with Mothers and Fathers Day. For Mothers Day, the entire month of May will be dedicated to our bee-mommies... featuring bee-ographies about the mommies of little ones with hydranencephaly, a glimpse in to how this journey has shaped them. The same thing in tribute to daddies during the month of June. 

We are always accepting new bee-ography submissions. Not sure where to begin? Below is a template you can simply copy & paste in to a word document or email to help guide you along the way:

Bee-Ography Submission
1)      Describe your pregnancy?  Was child diagnosed in utero? Any complications with pregnancy?  Any suspensions from doctors as to what may have caused the diagnosis?  What information did you get from doctor?
2)      What type of support did you get from doctors, family, friends, social  workers, etc….
3)      After you child was born, what type of surgeries and medical interventions were needed and at what age did the surgeries occur?
4)      What impact has your child had on your life?
5)      What type of information do you wish you would’ve had after diagnosis?
6)      What activities does your child enjoy?  Do they like certain toys, eating certain foods, comfort are they comforted with certain people.
7)      Any other pertinent information you would like to include?  Include as many pictures as you would like.  

We look forward to sharing your story. Upon completion, email to 

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