Monday, February 27, 2012


This week's bee-ography is a beautiful tribute to his equally beautiful daughter, Mellissa, from hydran-daddy Matt:

My Darling Mellissa (click HERE to view accompanying video)
by Matt Rickard on Friday, June 10, 2011 at 12:16am ·

I want you to picture the most luscious green grass with blooming flowers and beautiful

I want you to picture a young lady picking flowers putting them in her hair. She’s running around playing, skipping, singing. She doesn’t stop. It’s as if these were a fresh, brand new, never used set of legs. 

She has this voice of an angel. She sings like no one on Earth. 

All of a sudden she looks up to see this man. Her father in Heaven. 

An overwhelming calmness comes over her. He reaches out and takes her by the hand. 
He leads her to a house in which he has prepared for her. 

She says “It’s a magnificent house”, with a puzzled look on her face. 

He says to her, “My darling Mellissa, what’s your question?”. 

She says, “I had a nice house where I came from, but it had a wheel chair ramp on it”. 

He says, “We don’t need those here. Here we have no use for those things. My darling Mellissa, you are no longer captive to those disabilities. You are free to run and play and as your younger sister said, EAT ORANGES. Do you see those other homes next to yours? This is where someday everyone you love and cherish will join you. I have prepared a place for them as well, but it’s not their time.” 

“My Father in Heaven, may I look upon my family once in awhile, to make sure they’re  ok?” 

“My Darling Mellissa, you may watch over them every day.”

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  1. What a great Tribute to ^Mellisa^ may she and my ^Odin^ and ^Ry^ play in the play ground of heaven. God Bless you all


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