Monday, February 20, 2012

Bee-ography Monday

It's that time again! This week's bee-ography comes from beautiful little bee, Peyton, and her mommy Linsey:

Linsey Mckee

I couldn't be more blessed and proud to have been chosen to be Peyton's mom. At 7 months pregnant, doctors told me that something was very wrong with Peyton. They said then she had hydrocephalus. If only it were that easy. Not only were and am I, a single mom, God just turned my world upside down and back around. At one day old, I was told Peyton had Hydranencephaly and she wouldnt make it past her first birthday. Well let the trials and heartache begin. By the time Peyton was 5 weeks old first surgery, chloraplexotomy, that only help a little as far as her head growing bigger. 3 months, our first shunt. For the first 6 months Peyton cried 6 to 8 hours a day, finally we began trying out meds. Finally something started going right. We were in and out of hospital a lot. Everytime pnuemonia or sickness came, she beat it. God had given me a fighter beyond belief. 2 days before Peyton's 2nd birthday, we were hit by a drunk driver, she was thrown into the back floor board. My sweet angel was placed in the hospital and only had to have a shunt revision. Age 3, in a 3 month period, hospitalized for pnuemonia 3 different times at 2 weeks each go around. To help with junkiness and pneumonia, I decided to have her submandibular glands cut to help with excess saliva, well it helped. Since then we have had to deal with minor up and downs. She has her fair share of seizures but I've found a med that helps. Her scoliosis is very bad with a curve of 58%, we are about to meet with the surgery to decide what to do. Peyton receives therapies and I've been able to get her evened out with meds and she's doing amazing. She's very outgoing, we travel and I treat her as normal as possible. She is currently in kindergarten. This past August, we were able through Make a Wish, to take a Disney cruise to the Bahamas. I wouldn't change a thing about my life and very proud to announce Peyton Olivia is about to celebrate her 6th birthday March 6th. She is still going strong. To all blessed families, our miracles are our purpose in life. God chose you for a reason, love them... 

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