Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Toy-FULL Tuesday

On Tuesdays I will start featuring a tried and trusted toy or piece of equipment that our little bees have fallen in love with. One of the biggest misconceptions about our little ones living with hydranencephaly is that they are unaware of their surroundings... living in vegetative state. Far from true!! This week we are starting with Brayden's beloved Space Blanket.

Seems amazingly simple, and it is!! I buy a pack of 10 of them for about $8 on They are actually a mylar rescue/survival blanket used by hikers and rescue personnel to quickly warm up individuals suffering hypothermia, also water/wind proof. 

More on Brayden and his space blanket affair (he was such a little guy a year ago when I look back at those pictures!) was featured on our friend Junior's blog at: Adaptions 4 Kidz   AND for some of the most amazingly easy and fun ideas for your little ones, be sure to check out the rest of the blog too. Heidi, the author and Junior's mom, and this blog are part of my New Year resolution to be crafty in creating fun for all three of my munchkins!

What does this shiny piece of thin foil do? For our little bees they provide a sensory wonderland of shine and crinkly sounds. We cut pieces and attach them to toys to encourage grasping, to his spoon to encourage self feeding, and have at least a small piece of it everywhere we go... if nothing else it brings an instant smile!! Add it to the bottom of a ball pit, we use a collapsible mesh dog play yard, and it's double the fun for everyone!

I truly believe it taught Brayden how to get his legs moving and was the start of his motivation to walk, which we are working on now. Here is his "Happy Feet" video which is sure to bring a smile (be sure, once again, to click stop on our music player at the bottom of our blog):

This is a must and after it was recommended to us by our friends Charlotte and Bella, I pass the word on to everyone I meet. Most recently, our friend Edward's grandmother Kathy shared his video from far off in the UK. Click HERE to watch his smile grow!

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