Monday, January 16, 2012

"Bee"-ography Monday

It's everyone's favorite day of the week, with another installment of our "bee"-ography series. This week's story comes from our bee-angel Sarah's grandmother, Peg:

It all started in June for us. We were on vacation when we received a phone call from our son Ben who told us that Courtney's mom had called him with news that she had given birth to a little girl and he was the dad. He was frantic, didn't know what to do. They wanted her put up for adoption. Here Courtney was 27 going on 13 with mom and dad calling the shots. We told him we would stand behind what ever he decided.

Ben went to the hospital, took one look at Sarah and wanted her. 

So we, Ben's family, had to wait until Courtney, Sarah's mother, was discharged before we could see her. After 2 days we got the call we could finally meet our granddaughter. When myself and Charlie, Uncle Andrew and Kate got to the hospital all the nurses were waiting on us to see the family of this wonderful father who didn't want his daughter put up for adoption. They put us in the family room until they brought her to us. 

They brought us this little package and my hands were shaking so bad I could not hold her, but she was the prettiest little girl I have ever seen and she was ours for what time we had with her. I felt blessed that God gave her to a family who would love her.

After a week she was taken to Perrysburg Hospice Center to stay. Since her momma had signed a DNR (do not resuscitate) which meant they were unable to give a shunt, they didn't think she would survive past a month. We were there to love and care for her as long as we could. After working 8 hrs we would drive 1hr and 20 mins every day to spend time with our granddaughter then drive home and do it again, day after day. 

She beat the odds! Sarah lived longer than expected and the day came after 3 months that Ben got to bring her home. After training we knew what meds to give and at what time. Between the 3 of us she would have 24hr care at home, family also kicked in and helped. Sarah came home and she got all the love a parent and grandparents could give a baby.

But after about 6 weeks Ben found a job in Dublin Ohio in what he had gone to college for and had to move, so Sarah had to go back in hospice care again. It was a sad day for us. Losing the opportunity to come home and hold her for as long as I wanted as grandma would be the death of me. 

Sarah was so special. She knew who was holding her, she knew when you talked to her and played with her, and she just new she felt loved. She sensed it all from family and friends who spent any time with her. So she went to Defiance Hospice Center and since we have to work, there was nothing we could do to avoid this sad day in our lives. But it was the happiest day in their lives with death all around them. They would receive a package of joy.

Their first baby ever, Sarah was very welcomed. All of the nurses were great, they all loved her while giving us our space when we visited her. Since Sarah didn't have a shunt the older she got the more her head swelled up and discomfort grew. When she had a bad day or night they would have volunteers who would come day or night to do what ever they needed. When it came to Sarah everyone wanted to rock her or sit by her bed and rub her or just hold her hand.

Everyone loved her there and many times she could be found at the nurses station or someone was always somewhere holding her. In a place of death she brought joy.

I think it was around the first week of December when Sarah stopped eating and we had a couple of close calls with her body clearly shutting down. Sarah went 2 weeks without eating and on December 24, 2009, when we always have Christmas, we took it to Sarah since she could not be home with us. Sarah had a tree in her room. We brought ham, scalloped potatoes, corn bake, rolls, and cookies which brought our family and the staff together as a family for our Christmas. We had enough food to feed everyone who was there and for who ever came in, even a man whose wife had come in to a closed cafe. Also, Father Tim, who had visited Sarah every single day.

It was December 25, 2009 that we got the call Sarah had died. We all met, said our goodbyes, and I held her for forever. All of the family was there: Great Aunts, Great Uncles, cousins Andrew and Kate... everyone Sarah knew was there once Sara grew her wings and flew home.


  1. Very beautiful and so touching. Sarah is always in my heart and there isn't a day that goes by where I don't think of her. Her story and her life has touched my heart. Thank you for sharing her story!

  2. This precious little girl taught me so much about life. I will forever be great full, she will always hold a special place in my heart.

  3. Beautifully told story!!!

  4. Amazing is what I can say about Sarah, she taught me alot also, everyday was a gift, to hold her, to watch her made me realize so much about life. Her picture will forever be on my wall. Thank you Charlie and Peg for allowing her to be a part of my life.

  5. I was working at the inpatient hospice center at this time. Having this beautiful little girl in the center was such a blessing to all of us!!! We were all always so tickled to get to hold her and rock her. Not only were we blessed to have Sarah but the family was also a blessing to have!! We are all so blessed to have her be a part of our lives!

  6. Beautiful <3 I feel blessed to have been able to be one of her caregivers while at Hospice, I rocked n fed her many nights she was precious...God Bless U all..Sara Wheeler

  7. It was so beautiful Peg it brought tears to my eyes she was an amazing little girl!!

  8. I am crying. I was not working at Hospice at this time but I heard about how much she was loved. Reading this brings back the memories of all of my coworkers and the many families we all learned from. The truth is, they all taught US something, every single family. God Bless her.

  9. I was one of the blessed that had the opportunity to care for Beautiful Baby Girl. I worked at hospice during her stay and rocking, feeding, bathing and just loving on her, was an incredible experience. She was grace on earth. Her family is incredible with an unbelievable amount of strength. Sarah and her family taught me so much. They will all be in my heart~always

  10. Thank you ladies... I'm not sure if you realize how touching it is to be graced with a group of professionals who love our little ones and offer them comfort and peace during their time on earth. So often, all hope is lost, stripped away by the doctors during diagnosis, and our little ones are given up on before they even have the opportunity to show the world how much they shine. I am so glad to read that Sarah touched your lives in such a grand way... and Peg, thank you for sharing her with us!! XO<3 ~Ali, Founder, Global Hydranencephaly Foundation


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